with headphones darkAs promised, over the last month we began ramping up our marketing efforts and there has been a significant increase in traffic to lineforline.com.  With over 40 new users daily the LineForLine community of artists is steadily growing, & this is just the beginning!

Over the next few months we will be launching internal initiatives to continue to enhance the experience for our existing artist base, while also cross promoting with other music blogs and relevant platforms to increase overall exposure. 

We want you all to leverage this momentum and make the most of it as we continue toward our mission to help people listen and connect to the message of  your music.

Check out some of the latest lines……

May/June Highlights

Quis Chandla

Quis Chandala.jpg

Line from track : My Teacher was My C.O.

Fastlane Louie

Fastlane Louie.jpg

Line from track : GetYaDollarsUp

Rob Rivz


Line from track : The Hunt ft. Fienyz

King Kev

King Kev.jpg

Line from track : L.A. Bron

Slim Komodo

Slim Komodo.jpg

Line from track : Think Straight (Big Gas)



Line from track : Party All Night Long

Joe Chester

Joe Chester.jpg

Line from track : Valley of Tears

Milly McJaggurr

Milly McJaggurr.jpg

Line from track : Bout That

Flawless Money


Line from track : Real Ones Only

Zay Zito

Zay Zito.jpg

Line from track : ALOT

Twin Who

Twin Who.jpg

Line from track : Just Talk



Line from track : Dejavu

Elijah James


Line from track : Malibu

Cor Fargo

Cor Fargo.jpg

Line from track : Feel It In The Air



Line from track : Take It Off

Yung Solo


Line from track : Drift



Line from track : Love U Down (Feat. JAMARIUS)



Line from track : Different


Take It Slow.jpg

Line from track : Take it Slow

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