I. Music & Tech

Spotify’s “Spotlight”

Spotify seems to be reconsidering their foray video for the moment. Last week Bloomberg reported that the music streaming service plans on canceling upcoming episodes of it’s original series. Instead, sources confirm Spotify is exploring a new visual experience code-named “Spotlight”. The service is expected to combine audio, images and video into a single, seamless experience. While the described experience sounds similar to the current visuals offered in the Rap Caviar Playlist read more about their plans here.

One Nation Under Tech

Last week The Verge released a survey conducted they conducted with Reticle Research that captured the trust of 1,520 Americans. While there is no question demographics, particularly age definitely weigh heavily on perception of technology company the study is definitely an interesting snapshot during the rapid evolution of society and tech. Most notably the survey pegged Apple as least trustworthy amongst the tech behemoths. See the stats charted and read more here.  

Waverley Capital : A Media Fund?

Media kingpin Steve Bronfman, along with Daniel Leff are launching a venture fund, Waverley Capital, and Bronfman seems very interested in the movement going of the digital music space. With time served as the former head of Warner Music, media has always been a significant interest of his. Most recently Bronfman was a managing partner at Accretive, a private equity venture fund that also showed interest in media investments. Similarly, Leff sits on the board for Roku, and other successful media companies. Read more about the future of Waverley Capital here.


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