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Creative File Sharing w/ Dropbox

Last week Dropbox announced their first redesign in ten years, and instantly file sharing got a whole lot more creative. The file sharing pioneer transitioned from their traditional blue-and-white aesthetic and also updated their font to “Sharp Grotesk”. In making these changes Dropbox hopes to capture a the younger creative (“hipster” type), while making sure to distinguish themselves from other services in the space. Check out some of the updates here.

Groove with Spotify

Formerly known as Xbox Music, and Zune, last week Groove Music announced that it would be shutting down the digital music streaming service. After operating for just over four years Microsoft recently made the decision to shut down Groove. With growing domination by the likes of Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Tidal, etc…..Microsoft’s decision should come as no surprise. What might be surprising is the decision Microsoft made to partner with Spotify and give Groove listeners the ability to transition their music. January 31st 2018 will mark the last day of service. Read more about the decision here.

The Mighty Mighty Spotify

Mighty Audio recently launched a successful crowdfund campaign for their on-the-go Spotify music player that allows you to stream music without a phone, internet, or cellular reception. Mighty syncs wirelessly to your Spotify collection and features 8GB of storage (1000 songs). Users are guided by its VoiceOver and navigate the playlist selector with a button. Check out Mighty here.

Courtesy of LineForLine. Artists get started here.