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This is our second month of the “Artist Round Up”. Below is an update regarding all things pertinent to artists on LineForLine. While the details of the content we highlight will evolve over time, one thing is certain – we always want the artists to be front and center.

September Highlights

DeVo D


There is no denying Bronx based songwriter and vocalist DeVo D has an amazing sound. However, with the release of his most recent single Sorry, Not Sorry, he demonstrates the depth of his talent by putting his prolific pen on display. Every line is hard hitting and delivers a timely message to all that listen. Preview his latest track with this line from Sorry, Not Sorry

Betty Moon

Betty Moon

From the minute Los Angeles based Betty Moon stepped on the scene she has been active. Putting out 8 full projects to date, and steadily evolving with every new release. Now the Toronto native seems to be following suit with her latest release of Chrome. Check out lines from her songs Demolate, Sound, and Life Is But A Dream (remix).


Childs Anonymous

ChildsAnonymous is an artist faithfully repping our beloved 718 and the 305 with a classic hip hop flow. On his track Who We Are, he delivers a harsh reality with a very clear message: People are going to judge regardless, so be who you are. The minute he begins spitting, you can hear his conviction. Check out this line from Who We Are.

Dela Forte

Dela Forte

Before the Autumnal Equinox Dela Forte said peace to Summer with his most recent track titled Summer Over. As per usual, Dela delivers that southpaw flow over content with some real depth. Also, congratulations to this man on his new studio space. Excited to see what he will be creating next. Check the this line from the track Summer Over.



This past Sunday, we got to see Vé perform at his private Loco$ Only show. The space was intimate, vibe was positive, and the music was dope. Then after performing almost an entire 22 song set list, he blessed his fans with 7″ vinyls (Each of which had a unique line of lyrics he penned by hand). Check out the Loco$ Only playlist from the show here.


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