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Tencent To Purchase Spotify

It was recently reported that Chinese internet giant Tencent made a motion to purchase Spotify. With their eye on a projected public offering next year, Spotify more than likely did not take the talks very far, but given Tencent’s $380 billion dollar value it is hard not to speculate what the offer price might have been. Especially since Tencent Music (Tencent’s music streaming service), is currently seeking investment at a $10 billion valuation. While both companies declined to comment, read more about the “would be” deal and motivations of each company here.

Instagram Makes Noise

In case you haven’t noticed yet, last week Instagram made a significant change to their default “no audio” policy. While every instagram session will still begin without audio, once a user enables the volume of one video, the volume of every organic video will be enabled until the user disables the audio or until the net session. This is a significant update, especially for content creators that have had to factor the “no audio” policy in their creations. Check out our IG feed to see the update (@lineforline.com) or read the article here.

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