I. Music & Tech

Soundcloud cuts 173 jobs; Closes SF and London Offices

Last week, in an effort to cut costs and “ensure the path to long-term, independent success,” Soundcloud announced they would be cutting 173 jobs and closing their San Francisco and London offices. While the company boasts a user base of 175 million users in 190 countries, there is no denying the competitive nature and high costs of the audio streaming space. To date, the total investment raised by the Universal, Sony, and Warner Music backed firm is $193 million, and they are currently looking to close a round for $100 million. For more insight into the future of the music streaming platform read here.

Vibing While Driving Without Speakers

Ac2ated Sound Continental has developed a speaker-less audio system that provides excellent acoustics by using the car’s plastic interior trim panels. Influenced by the functional principle of string instruments, the format brings a whole new sound experience to the driving seat. Check out the video here.

Platinum Again : Jay Z the Problem Solver

As the rules of music promotion continue to evolve as we know it, Jay Z shows yet again what happens when you combine top talent with keen business acumen. In his latest feat, Jay proved everyone wanted more of the Jiggaman, by going platinum. Thanks to his Tidal X Sprint campaign, Jay’s accomplishment helped his portfolio as a rapper and mogul. Read more here.

II. Entrepreneurship

A Sustainable of a Physical Presence – ‘This is Dope’ – Mobile Music Marketing

‘This is Dope’ is a dynamic experimental marketing agency pioneered by industry veterans Wendy Washington, Anthony Ellis, and Shirronda Sweet. As an assistant to Clive Davis at Arista Records, it’s no surprise Washington lead a successful career in music marketing and public relations. Still, it wasn’t until she was captured by the allure of millennials’ willingness to navigate their professional paths and take control of their destiny that she saw herself as an entrepreneur. This entrepreneurial vision and the understanding that, “as the digital world becomes bigger, the physical [world] becomes more precious and sacred”, ultimately translated to ‘This is Dope’. Read more here.

It’s All About Experience

From a user’s experience, to a customer’s experience, to overall business experience – the reality is experience has never been more important than in today’s competitive marketplace. Bodega of Boston, is an iconic sneaker, apparel, and accessory retailer that clearly understands this. In a collaborative effort with brand partners to create an intimate, highly edited retail experience that is considered, informative, and impactful, Bodega is launching SERIES. SERIES is an opportunity for Bodega to tell the story of a brand while creating an immersive store experience. One of the companies they will be working with is famed cap maker New Era. Check out this trailer for a sneak peak into the rich history of the Buffalo based brand, and the impact figures like Spike Lee has had on their success.

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