As the evolution of digital media continues, music, technology, and business are becoming increasingly intertwined. We are all taking part in this revolution and it is rapidly reshaping our society. We will be giving weekly recaps of the most relevant updates pertaining to the future of digital music and tech. This is the Digital Cipher.

“The revolution will not be televised.”
-Bluesologist & Poet, Gil Scott-Heron

I. Music & Business

$480 Million is a Sirius investment in Pandora


Last week, Pandora Media received an $480 million austerity package of sorts from Sirius XM. The terms of the deal are pretty sweet for Sirius who will own 19% of Pandora’s stock and three board seats (which includes chairmanship). While Pandora has lost, and continues to lose significant ground in the streaming battles of online music, this injection does give them a fighting chance to remain a player in the digital music game. Read more here.

Sprint for Tidal

Sprint announced last week that customers would receive a complimentary six month trial of Tidal Hifi (Tidal’s Premium service). Sprint’s CEO, Marcelo Claure openly acknowledged the importance of mobile service as music listeners continue to go digital. Earlier this year Jay Z’s Tidal received a much needed life line by communications giant Sprint. While the amount of the investment was undisclosed, the terms resulted in Sprint owning a third of Tidal. Read more here.

II. Technology – Apps & Gadgets

KRFT – The new digital instrument

Producers and musicians now have access to a modular, digital instrument for music production. The technology gives users the ability to build their own interfaces, and can be used standalone or with other MIDI gear. Check it out here.

Planet of the Apps

The entrepreneurial concept of Shark Tank can be addictive to the dreamer in anyone with aspirations of building their own business and making an impact on the world. Apple is looking to capitalize on this drive and their role as a pioneer in technology with Planet of the Apps. Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Vaynerchuk, and are the judges and potential investors that will ultimately decide the fate of tomorrow’s technical entrepreneurs. Check out episode one here.

III. Entrepreneurship

Uninterrupted : Lebron James and Draymond Green

As an entrepreneur, growth and learning is a daily routine. Listening to these active legends kick it with the likes of Steve Stoute, Charles Oakley, and 2 Chainz, was literally a crash course in understanding your role and staying in your lane. Check it out as these moguls break down the process of the greats from sports, to wine, to music, and everything in between. Peep it here.


Courtesy of LineForLine.