It was roughly a week before the New Year when I cracked open the delicious fortune cookie that revealed this gem. A little paper banner that read, “The current year will bring much happiness”, followed by your standard “Lucky Numbers”, “07-11-19-21-35-14”. Now, as a high ranking official in General Tso’s army I can definitely appreciate a good fortune, but that does not mean I consider them doctrine. However, mainly because of the timing, I found this one particularly interesting.

Reflecting as I munched on my orange vanilla flavored cookie, it became very clear that the typed premonition was actually a reminder to appreciate the journey we started and the momentum we will be carrying into the New Year. Like many, music has always been a driving force in my life, but as a Queens, New York native from a young age hip hop was more of an obsession. I always made it a point to try and communicate the mastery of linguistics with anyone that would listen. It was this personal mission of helping people listen and connect with the message of an artist’s music that would essentially translate into the vision of LineforLine. Now, with the development of our technology we will attempt to accomplish this mission on the largest scale possible.

Despite not following through with initial launch in 2016, we managed to build an unbelievable mobile product that delivered the intended experience we wanted to bring to life and it yielded extremely positive feedback. In fact it was this very feedback that drove us to make our first pivot and apply our technology to the digital promotional platform we are currently developing for artists. While the details of the product have yet to be unveiled, I can say that a very talented developer recently joined our team and he is just as excited to bring the experience to life as we are. Not to mention the last year gave us ample time to lay the foundation for our social presence and establish a number of very promising marketing partnerships with artists and well aligned artist services.

Based on that vision maturing into the digital music platform we are calling LineforLine, it is safe to say my life over the last year truly did revolve around a series of words and numbers. The words of songs we as fans connect with so deeply and the code we are writing that will make it all possible. Needless to say I’m beyond grateful for the fortune of being able to join my dear friend and Co Founder, Rob Holzhauer, to live for the spoken word of hip hop and promote music to the world. At the same time while getting lost in the numbers, whether it be data or code, I know we need to remember the words that got us here are more than just words, they are lyrics, and lyrics are meant to be heard.

On that note, and on behalf of our team, I would like to wish you a very Happy and Healthy 2017. We truly appreciate your continued support as we look forward to sharing lines and building the vision of LineforLine together.

Much thanks,

Dean Andriotis, CEOheader