Perhaps no other venue quite shows the range of today’s hip hop fans like a big music festival.  Hologram 2pac performed for the masses at Coachella, Chance the Rapper stole the show at Bonaroo and this year at the Governor’s Ball, Beck and Kanye were supposed to perform on the same stage (but we all know what happened with the weather and the mayor).  The summer festival circuit is a true melting pot of music, with some of the most well known independent rock acts like Two Door Cinema Club, The Strokes, Death Cab for Cutie performing just moments before or after some of hip hop’s most lyrical up and comers such as Vince Staples, Mac Miller and  Joey Bada$$.   De La Soul is performing for audiences that probably weren’t alive when they recorded their first CD (they also have a new album coming out), all in all it makes for a wonderful dichotomy of music for festival goers.

In fact these forms of music are merging closer and closer. News of the RZA and Paul Banks of Interpol forming the tandem, “Banks and Steelz”.  Big Boi and Phantogram have come together to create “Big Grams” and most of Rage Against the Machine, B Real of Cypress Hill and Chuck D have started a super group called, “Prophets of Rage”.  Hell, Ezra Koeing of Vampire Weekend had a writing credit on Beyonce’s latest album.  With this kind of merging in mind we’re going to take some of our favorite up and coming rappers and indie bands and wish for future hip hop alt rock creative babies.


Vince is a very intriguing MC from Los Angeles who is a must follow on twitter for his basketball and general life observations, he’s also extremely talented.  Gary Clark Jr. might just be the best young guitar player in the world.  They both have the creativity and desire to exist outside of their own comfort area where this tandem could make beautiful music together.


The guys from Gaslight Anthem have a sound that is often compared to Bruce Springsteen and are known for their sprawling tales threw the suburban New Jersey landscape.  Joey Bada$$ has a decidedly different experience from NYC but is his verses speak to adolescence and the pains of growing up.  Gaslight would probably have to increase their overall tempo for this to work but Joey’s unique cadence would fit smoothly over Gaslight’s full bodied sound.


This would be a power girl group for the ages with an emphasis on broken hearts and short lived romances.  Jenny Lewis has proven to indulge in a wide variety of projects and has empowered women for years as she’s risen up the ranks of the music world.  Syd tha Kyd is the straw the stirs The Internet’s drink and at such a young age has been able to make music that is decidedly unique and enthralling.


This would be a listeners dream as two of the most talented musical entities coming together would for sure create excellence.  Killer Mike and El-P have already carved out such a creative and powerful place in the world of hip hop that finding someone to enhance them is a difficult task.  Jack White would be a great fit, a musical savant that has garnered nothing but admiration as one of the best guitar players of all time.  He’s also a talented producer who has created haunting almost trance like bass lines for years that would be absolutely terrifying with a Killer Mike verse atop it.


Chance’s sound on “Coloring Book” is an incredible mix of melodic gospel beats that make you smile, bop your head and almost slip into the syrupy sweet world that he’s created.  Passion Pit has made a living off of high fructose melodies and would pair very nicely with the Chicago rapper.  When listening to a song like Passion Pit’s classic “Take a Walk” you can almost hear how Chance could slide in over it with his rhythmic crooning and make it his own.  This amalgamation would be a festival golden child for the ages.