The NBA and hip hop have been wrapped around one another for the past 30 years.  On any given night you have Drake courstide at a Raptor’s game, LeBron backstage at a Jay Z concert or Chris Paul hosting an event with Wayne. Sometimes this appreciation spills over and we get an artist or an athlete that attempts to crossover.  In the late 90’s Master P unsuccessfully tried out for multiple NBA teams and Kobe Bryant dropped this monstrosity upon society’s eardrums:

Fortunately, not every basketball player turned rapper is that.  Below we’re ranking the 5 best MC’s that have suited up for an NBA franchise.


The Big Aristotle has always had a way with words and has recorded multiple albums.  Not a huge fan of his studio work but this freestyle against his former teammate Kobe Bryant vaults him into the top 5.

4. Allen Iverson

Sadly we’ll never know the extent of Iverson’s rapping prowess because due to offensive lyrics on his first album, Reebok, his main sponsor, vetoed its release.  This song is kind of great though and Iverson gets bonus points for being a huge icon in the world of Hip Hop culture.

3. Damian Lillard

Dame Dolla has bars for sure and even curated an Instagram contest called #4barfriday, which has people from all over upload their best 4 lines.  Dame is just getting started unlike the rest of the guys on this list and he clearly has a ton of talent.  We’re betting that in 5 years, he’ll probably be at the top of this list.

2. Marquis Daniels

Marquis Daniels was a consummate role player on the court but he’s trying to be a star as Q6, his hip hop alter ego.  Q6 clearly takes pride in the production value of his music and has played shows all over the south.  Owning a recording studio in his home, Marquis claims to record music everyday.  Graduating Cum Laude from Auburn, a long career in the NBA and a rising rap performer, Marquise Daniels is a true 2016 renaissance man.

  1. Stephen Jackson

Who else could it be but Port Arthur’s own, Stak5.  Stephen Jackson took a long road to get into the NBA partly because of his street affiliations as a child. Claiming to be in the room the first time the word “trill” was ever used, Jackson clearly has the respect of his Texas hip hop contemporaries.  He’s got tracks with Scarface, Bun B, and Slim Thug.  Former NBA champion Stephen Jackson is legitimately a talented MC.