In honor of the start of the 2016 Major League Baseball season we’re taking a look at some of our favorite players and pick out which hip hop songs we not only think they should come out to but what songs best describe them.

Mike Trout 

Quality Control – J5
Mike Trout has been one of baseball’s most productive players since he entered the league.  A dominant force in every aspect of the game, Trout has been described as a 5 tool player since pretty much the first time he picked bat for the first time.  Quality Control feels perfect because the borderline emotionless Trout seems only controlled with Quality of his play.
Andrew McCutchen 
Clubhouse – Mac Miller

Two of the princes of Pittsburgh united for the Steel city seems right.  McCutchen has brought baseball back for the Pirates and Mac Miller has battled his own personal demons and seems to be putting his own career back on track.

David Ortiz
Encore – Jay Z
What all  the Red Sox fans are hoping for, a graceful swan song for David Ortiz.  This song was the equivalent of Jay Z jumping out the clubhouse and tipping his cap to the fans.
Giancarlo Stanton
Power – Kanye West
This is a bit on the nose but man is Stanton powerful.  One of  the strongest humans ever to swing a bat gets a hard beat and perhaps the most apt description out there.
Bryce Harper
C.R.E.A.M – Wu Tang Clan
Would definitely be the funniest and perhaps the most likely off all the selections.  Bryce has a huge, probably historic payday coming up and he might just be brash enough to actually do this.
Miguel Cabrera
Ascension – Flatbush Zombies
As Cabrera puts jaw dropping season after jaw dropping season together it is becoming more and more clear that he is going to be ascending to the rarefied air of even Cooperstown elite.
Clayton Kershaw
Clique – Kanye West
This is solely based upon Clayton Kershaw’s squad that celebrates with him during Cy Young winner announcements. I imagine they all listened to this on repeat after a spirited racquetball tournament.
Noah Syndergaard
Heart of a Lion – Kid Cudi

Noah just looks like a Cudi guy and on top of that he proved himself during the Mets great playoff run last year.  The Queens faithful hope that ferocious strength will extend to 2016 but one thing is for sure, he already has the mane.